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Name Comments Date
George Wallissome website you've got there G, nice touch.4 Feb, 08
MissyHey guys !!! Sending you big hugs from Auckland. xx14 Nov, 07
ScoobyWe miss our goatman... come back!!12 Apr, 07
graham mclellangood site found it after googling my name.....1 Apr, 07
MelissaHi Graham, where abouts in Sweden was the ice hotel? Looks amazing and we are heading to Stockholm in May. Let me know :)16 Mar, 07
Graham MclellanAwesome name dude2 Feb, 07
PeteThats not my hand Graham.16 Nov, 06
BridgeHey G, I had forgotten about the website. Wicked photos!!27 Oct, 06
SimonGreat pics from Czech!22 Sep, 06
Rockpremo site G !! If u keep working at it you'll get the hang of this computer stuff29 Aug, 06
PhoebsLove your work G. Hot hot hot.28 Aug, 06
Riley Limwho ate all the pies! what up al. good to see your doing well!30 Jul, 06
Neil McLellanFound site whilst 'googling' Mclellan for genealogy purposes !! enjoyed the pics.20 May, 06
graham mclellankool name mate8 Feb, 06
PeteDan's chav outfit looks like the clothes he wears everyday!2 Feb, 06
melissai like the pictures of the tomatina, i went to it with my mates, as i live in spain and its a great experience. hope to see more pictures on here 4 next year.17 Nov, 05
Rob LawryMate, I didn't even realise I was hurling objects at you on the pole at Tomatina. Nice.15 Sep, 05
Lucy BorrieLove your work G!14 Jul, 05
benjBig ups to big G12 Jul, 05
JoopsNice watch haha17 Dec, 04
jayne longworthHow awesome to be able to see what you are up to.2 Dec, 04
BridgieHi G28 Nov, 04
Carey-AnnAnd you thought I'd forget about signing your guestbook!! Great night, feeling a bit useless today though. Love the website, how talented are you? x27 Nov, 04
PJIm missing you guys heaps, send me a family pic so I don't forget if!!!21 Nov, 04
PeteYeah, I'd like to see more of Dangerous as well G.16 Nov, 04
andre cockburn(groove)good to see i get a mention bro,and you made my trip in the uk rock cheers mate.go the fabric club10 Oct, 04
NoahWhere are the pics of me? 7 Oct, 04
ursula mooreDANG!5 Oct, 04
George SchmukeNice page... looks like you have been busy over the last 6 years... drp me a line sometime26 Sep, 04
Anna OborneYeah, nice one Bro, um, need to edit some of the pictures of me tho...20 Sep, 04
Hugh McLellanNice one, Gray, do you ever get to work!10 Sep, 04
Dan EgertonNice site G, cool photos, but surely there needs to be more of me?1 Sep, 04